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Bedford 11TH was established in 2013.

Bedford 11TH offers a modern interpretation of well-crafted bags and timeless pieces. From modern briefcases to messenger bags to streamlined weekenders, Bedford 11TH presents a modern man in motion – work, travel, electronics and play. Each bag and each piece is subtle balance of form and function mindful of today’s utility of smartphones, tablets, and laptops along with other essentials.

Reference to a focal point in Brooklyn New York, our name symbolizes that new spring of vitality and digitally connected communities from New York to London to Paris to Moscow to Seoul. It is an oasis of unique modern products, independent spirit, and inner confidence.

Welcome to Bedford 11TH

11th MOVIE


Factory: Mukdong , Junglanggu, Seoul Korea


All the product of Bedford11th are hand-crafted in Korea by leather artisans who put their spirit into each stitch of every single product. Also, they participate in the work of planning in accordance with design concept, size specification, fabric and ornament selection and sampling along with the designer, Jina Kim.



They are committed to propose a better product of high quality in lightweight and authenticity by providing repair after purchase in one factory.

If you live in Korea, please click to bedford11th.co.krGo