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Bedford11th bags @K-Drama

Bedford11th bags are  being sponsored by Korean dramas.     -Polygon Satchel bag TvN Drama "To you who forgot poetry"   actor Lee Jun hyuk     - New Classic Document Backpact MBC drama "A wealthy son " actor Lee Gue Hwan. SBS drama "Suits" actor Son Suk gu      ...


Bedford11th @ the tents L.V

Bedford11th will be  the tents fashion fair at Las Vegas  from Aug.14~ to Aug.16 You can check the Black line, White line and the leather shoes of Bedford11th. The tents @Mandalay Bay Convention Center Booth Number #32271 9:00am~6:00pm               ...


Bedford11th @ich22_kr

Ich 22 is the nu cultural space for artist bonding.   Bedford11th is with them at ich22_kr / ich22_us.   Ich22  means Immortal Christ Humility  Philippians 2:2 Same Love Same Purpose

If you live in Korea, please click to