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Bedford11th @ the tents L.V

Bedford11th will be  the tents fashion fair at Las Vegas  from Aug.14~ to Aug.16 You can check the Black line, White line and the leather shoes of Bedford11th. The tents @Mandalay Bay Convention Center Booth Number #32271 9:00am~6:00pm               ...


Bedford11th @ich22_kr

Ich 22 is the nu cultural space for artist bonding.   Bedford11th is with them at ich22_kr / ich22_us.   Ich22  means Immortal Christ Humility  Philippians 2:2 Same Love Same Purpose


2014 Daegu Fashion Fair

We will present products at ‘2014 Daegu Fashion Fair’. This is 2nd time in Daegu. Especially, as we held the 2nd prize in Accessory sectio of ‘Nextzen Award’ by this fais, we are preparing a runway show this time. Please drop by our booth and watch...