45Degree VERTICAL Mens tote - Brown - Bedford11th
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45Degree VERTICAL Mens tote – Brown




  • Color : Brown
  • Material : FG Cow leather 100%
  • Size : 36(W) *26.5(H) *7(D) / 7(tote handle drop) long cross detachable leather handle


Vertical detail  Cow leather shoulder bag 버티컬 디테일의 매끄러운 소가죽의 토트 겸 숄더백.

Brown  sleeck cow leather / Black FG cow leather
– 45 degree-cutted edge detail ; 플랩 부분 45디그리 엣지커팅
– Back slide pocket w/magnetic closure; 뒷면 마그네틱 오픈 포켓.
-Logo rivets with stitch detail; 뒷면 로고리벳 스티치 디테일 (버티컬 라인 디테일)
– Detachable leather shoulder handle ; 탈부착 롱핸들
– One inside padded velcro laptop pocket / Two inside open pockets pen holders ; 내부 지퍼포켓 및 2개의 오픈 포켓 (13″가능)45d

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