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BFS-A-01 Easy Loafer-Navy




  • Color : Navy
  • Material : Cow leather 100% (embossed)
  • Size :
  • size guide : The shoes are slightly larger than the original size.
  • All orders begin to be made after payment is confirmed. Usually, it takes about one week to make, and delivery takes about one week, so that you can receive the product after 2 weeks in total.



-Slip on easy loafer 슬립온 스타일의 기본형 베이직한 로퍼
-logo embossed cow leather padded insole : 로고가 불박된 소가죽 까레 쿠셔닝 인솔
-leather lining  : 내피 돈피
-Rubber cupsole : 러버 컵솔 (2.5cm)
-soft cow leather upper : 부드러운 레더 어퍼

weight: 320g

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7.5(255~260), 8(260~265), 8.5 (265~270), 9(270~275), 9.5 (275~280), 10 (280~285)


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